Practice your suturing skills
with instant feedback


Suture a banana, take a picture, and get instant feedback on your performance.

Practice anywhere on your own time, with submetrics to help you improve.

Learn techniques in a simulated environment instead of on patients.

Suture banana 4 rot


Use objective measures of students' sutures to improve evaluations by eliminating bias and subjectivity.

Coming soon
for students and educators

Track Improvement

Save and track your performance to see your improvement. Compare your scores to classmates in a high score list.

More Procedures

We will add assessment of additional suturing procedures (on fruit and otherwise), so you can keep practising new skills.


Instructors and evaluators can view student performance

Top Tips

Get personalised tips for improvement based on your individual performance.


Share suture photos and get feedback and tips from peers.

Suture thread sm

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